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Just a mom who finds reading and reviewing to be enjoyable between housework, and raising my two minions. I enjoy pretty much everything I can get my hands on except bio's and historical. My main go to books are horror, dystopian, murder and the paranormal. 


Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - J.K. Rowling, Mary GrandPré

I was so excited to start reading this book to K. We read book one and he really seemed to enjoy it so I decided he was ready for book 2. Harry Potter is back at Hogwarts and it won't be an easy year for him it seems that something will try to stop him from going to Hogwarts because something bad is suppose to happen. On top of that Harry is hearing parseltongue yet he doesn't understand what he is doing until he is told. Something starts scaring students and it has the teachers worried but hey leave it up to Harry and his two friends to try to find out what is going on at Hogwarts and try to stop it. 

The author did a great job with this magical world! Makes me wish that this could really happen in real life!

K enjoyed the story yet he wants to see the movie again because he thinks doing magic is pretty cool. 

We will be starting book three soon, K decided we needed a break because Harry Potter is a big book! 

Legends Untold (Timewaves #3)

Legends Untold: Timewaves #3 - Sophie  Davis

I received this book to give an honest review.

I have said it before and I will say it again, I do not enjoy time travel books to me they are just boring. Yet these pair of writers have drawn me into the time travel world. I feel as though I learn a bit of history when I read their books and yet it is fun though mysterious. I can honestly say I do not ever remember learning about Lady Jane Grey before and as soon I got done with this book I started looking into who she was and if the author had it right that she was only to be Queen for nine days.
Stassi and her group of friends who are also runners will find themselves England to retrieve an artifact yet it seems that there are others who have different plans. Will history be changed? Or will those that are involved with this crazy scheme be stopped? Also while there Stassi will find a few clues that have to do with the necklace she wears around her neck, what will she uncover that will hopefully give her the answers that she seeks. I am also intrigued as to what Nicolas Flamel's secret is that Charles can not tell Stassi. I can not wait to read the next book which won't be out until next year.
Characters are simply amazing and well developed, I love how well everyone gets along and takes care of each other when they are put in tough situations. They never leave anyone behind and they all work as a team. Great series to start if you haven't already.
F.Y.I. there is a cliffhanger, I almost threw my kindle because of it lol.

NetGalley Review: A Guide for Murdered Children #Halloween Book Bingo 2017

A Guide for Murdered Children: A Novel - Sarah Sparrow

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


So I was looking around on NetGalley and this cover called me to check it out! Pink and the title says A Guide for Murdered Children well I knew I needed to check out the blurb to see if it would be something good. 

It took me a good 54 to 60 percent into the book to actually get into it and start to truly understand what really was going on. We have adults who have died and children who have died take their place yet the adult who died is still there sort of. Though the child will get a moment of balance when they get the person who murdered them and pretty much will get the peace they deserve. I thought it was a neat idea. 


Though for some reason it just seem to drag on and there wasn't really anything cool or interesting happening until towards the end, where we learn that one person has two souls that have entered him and everything seems to come full circle. 


As far as characters go I didn't really get into them too much, Willow just didn't seem to be on point very much and was torn between being down on his luck, being friendly with his ex, to trying too solve a cold case. Yet there never seem to be much going on what they really had or actually interviewing people. 

It was kind of weird that the children would engage in adult behaviors while inhabiting the body of the adult yet I could understand why they were doing it to keep up appearances. 

These children are guided by a porter and follow a guide that gives them advice on how to take care of the body they are in, and what they should be doing. 

The changing of the characters names in the middle of paragraphs bothered me and I really had to pay attention to who was actually talking. Example being Maya would be talking then all of a sudden the name would switch to Lydia who is the adult that Maya took over. Not sure if the author was just reminding us that there were two people in the same mind frame or not, yet it sometimes was confusing. 

The author seems to have a good way of writing a story yet I feel as though she over did it with just way to much of different things trying to come together in one. 

I would have liked more backstory on the porters especially Annie because she seems like a mysterious being. 

Overall 2 stars, I think with a bit of polishing up this could be a good story to give out to the readers. 

So behind!!!

I signed up to do Halloween Book Bingo 2017....I have sadly been behind and not able to post as much. Between work calling me to come in which I have no problem doing I love it, to my son having to stay up an hour to two hours past bedtime to finish homework I have not felt like reading. 


I have so many reviews, emails, books and whatever else to get through that I just have no time for mostly anything let alone clean my house.


So I will try to play catch up when I can but for now I am off to get somethings I need to get done before a school event tonight. YAY!!!! Do you feel the sarcasm though my screen lol. 

Marriage Made Me Do It

Marriage Made Me Do It - Ashley Fontainne

I have read this author's work before and I really love how she can pull you into a story I expected no different with this book.

Now I will say this the title, is what really made me want to read it. I mean marriage made you do what exactly? That screams pick me up and give me a read!

I will say this I read this book in one setting and found myself opening and closing my mouth like a goldfish needing water, and then laughing a few paragraphs later.

Roxy is your normal wife and mother yet she follows a handbook that you should just know as a housewife. Well she is done with that handbook and will be making her own rules. When she finds out her husband did not take their vows seriously she is not having that. She will deal with a lot yet her daughter will mean everything to her. She would do anything to protect her daughter even if that means holding secrets. I wasn't expecting to the end the way it did but I can say that Roxy loved her daughter with all of her soul. 

Roxy is a character that I couldn't help but love. Her attitude, the way she handled herself when she was sober was on point for me. I liked how she didn't back down no matter what was thrown her way.


I had quite a few quotes and things that had me laughing. 


"I don't need a man, anyway. I can achieve the same satisfaction with a vibrator and then stuff it into a drawer when finished. Easy-peasy and no fear of unwanted pregnancies of STDs."

"If I was a carpet muncher, I'd take you home with me and lick you dry."


Oh man if you like murder, laughter in the right spots, and a mother's love who is done doing the housewife job then pick this book up.

Tegen Punishment (book 3)

Tegen Punishment (Tegens) (Volume 3) - Inge-Lise Goss

I am not big on spiders, yet the author did an amazing set of books that have these special spiders in them.

Sara is a put on a big case to help bring in a Tegen who has gone awol so to speak and is hurting people. Not only that this person is okay with using the spiders in a way that they should not be used. 

Sara has to go undercover yet what happens when she is discovered?

Well you have to see about that.

This case will not be easy, she will find herself in certain predicaments that she will be lucky to have someone watching her back when needed. I am still kind of iffy on Connor as something seems to be up with him though I can not pinpoint it just yet. 

The characters are very well developed and the situations they are put in are great even though the outcome may not be good. 

There is plenty of action, mystery, and trying to stay alive in this one. 

Pale and Crimson #Halloweenbingo2017

Pale and Crimson: A Dystopian Horror Short Story (The Outsider Chronicles Book 0) - Kayti Nika Raet

For a short novella this book packed a punch and has me wanting to read the next book. 

So we are introduced to two brothers who want to eventually help kill these creatures called Slithers. Well when they learn that one of them is on the train they are traveling on that is when curiosity killed the cat and all those around them. 

Just pick this up so you can read it yourself and see if reading about Slithers sound good to you!

Women Murderers Of The 18th Century #Halloweenbingo2017

Women Murderers of the 18th Century - Sylvia Perrini

For a short novella I felt I learned about the subject of women serial killers that I didn't know about before.

I know it sounds silly but I don't remember ever reading about female killers before until these past 10 years.

Each set of women killed in their own way and of course was found out. Even back then they couldn't hide what they did no matter how much they tried.

We get a bit of detail on how each women took the lives of those around them, though we are not bored with full details. It is more sweet and to the point. 

If you are looking for just true crime light reading then this maybe the book for you. 

Russian Roulette (Dev Haskell Mystery, #1) by Mike Faricy Halloween Book Bingo 2017

 I have read the other books in the Dev Haskell series and I can say that not only did I enjoy them, but I didn't feel lost by reading out of order. 


So this is the very first Dev Haskell book and let me say Dev still finds himself in with the wrong crowd....women and booze are his downfall. I love how being a P.I. he does things his own way, he doesn't listen to those with a badge. 

He gets a case of a missing person though what he uncovers is something way more deeper than someone missing. It seems that bodies will start piling up and Dev will find himself in the crossfire. Is the Russian Mob actually involved? Well the FBI believes so and with the help of Dev they plan to put an end to their ways. 

There are parts that will have you just shake your head and laugh, while other parts you ask yourself why did he put himself in that situation. 

Overall Dev is a good P.I. and stops at nothing to get the answers to the cases he takes on. If you like humor in your P.I. stories check out this series. 

The Border by Steve Schafer

I received this book to give an honest review.

What a page turner for me. We always hear how hard it is for people to cross into the United States but to have it told in a story it felt different, more raw and I liked that. Four kids have their lives changed when gunmen kill at a party. We see how they learn to come together but yet still fight for their lives while trying to get across the border. Nothing will be easy and heartache will ensue. They will encounter harsh conditions and death. This book was not like anything I have read before and I enjoyed that. The characters felt real and when put into certain situations I felt that they handled it like they were suppose to. The whole scene with the vultures was like nothing I have seen described and I felt it went where it needed to in the story.
There was one scene where Pato and Arbo are in the desert and Pato thinks about the only way to cool Arbo down.
Well this leads to later on everyone joking with Pato which actually had me laughing and just shaking my head, because well you will do anything to make sure your friend lives.

Another part in the book I really liked was when Pato and Arbo are talking about water and the taste. They are questioning why water doesn't taste like anything unlike everything else we put in our mouth. "You can't describe water, and it's the one think we need the most. Why not give it flavor?" This really gets you thinking about that!

Overall this book was amazing and a real eye opener to the illegal immigration that goes on and the depths of what people will do to get out of the country they are in., especially when they are running away from something terrible.

Halloween Book Bingo 2017 books update

So I haven't had a chance to write my reviews for these books but I did finish them. One was on Wednesday and the other was Thursday night. Russian Roulette for Cozy Mystery and Pale and Crimson.....review to come soon. Kind of crazy at the moment between getting called into Sub, trying to keep the house cleaned and still find time to read in between also doing the cool mom stuff. 


Has anyone seen the new IT movie? If so what did you think? We are going tomorrow for a date night which we haven't had in about 4 or so years lol. 

Halloween Bingo 2017

I do believe I will be changing two of my books. Amateur Sleuth and the Diverse books as I can not get into either of the books that I picked. 


Amateur Sleuth I am not sure yet. 


On the diverse I still need to do some research.

The Woods (Berry Springs #1) by Amanda McKinney Halloween Book Bingo 2017

I received this book to give an honest review.


Katie left Berry Springs 10 years ago so when her sister is going through a divorce and needs her Katie comes back. When her sister dies Katie has always felt that she was murdered yet the police ruled it an accident. Now a year later Katie is back to sell the home she once grew up in. Her plan is to get it done, leave, and never return well that plan ends up getting thrown up in the air. When bodies show up and a mysterious stranger named Jake comes into her life, Katie's world is just a bit upside down. It seems that just maybe someone is watching Katie and not in a good way. Katie seems kind of weary of this new stranger yet not weary enough to let him not in her bed! 

Not only are bodies showing up but there seems to be a possible terrorist threat hitting the state, and this is where Jake will come into play. He has to find out what is going on before tragedy hits and he doesn't get the job.

Characters were fully developed. I really liked the mystery of Jake and how well he can keep a secret. I think he would make a fine good agent!

As far as plot goes I felt it was steady! I was able to finish this in one setting because I really wanted to see if we would find out who was behind the murders. 

So I give this book a 4 rating because I wasn't sure on some information in the book.

We have a man who hits his head and yet he is still alive. It says in the book "he fell backwards, his head bouncing off of the rocks." To me this sounds like the dude is going to have some huge brain damage yet he gets put into custody and no mention of hospital. 

Also the ending I re-read it twice it didn't make sense to me. Jolene knew what Chase was going to do and never trusted him? What was that whole scene about? I can only hope that maybe there will be another book in the works so we can find out. It seems that Jolene plays a part in Berry Springs but what exactly. 

Violated (book 5) by Carolyn Arnold

I received this book to give an honest review.
I have to say I think I found a new author to read. Though this book is number 5 I didn't feel as though I was missing anything by not reading the previous books. For that I am very grateful for! 
A vacation to California for Agent Paige turns into something else and it will be up to the FBI to believe one of their own and solve the murder that has happened. 
I really liked how teamwork played a really good part in this. No one just went off on their own to find answers, no ones idea was too crazy. 
As far as characters go they felt well developed and even with the small feelings that were going on between Agent Paige and Agent Brandon it felt real.
The way everything was written and handled in solving the case and clearing Agent Paige's name you can tell the author did her research on the procurers.
As far as the killer I was very surprised that the killer was an individual I wouldn't have thought of. You always think either male or female in a case especially one that kills as graphic as this was done. So having that twist was awesome, and with Agent Zach giving some information was nice. 
I will be reading more by this author not only because of her ability to pull you into the story but her writing style is on point. 

Feed by Mira Grant Halloween Book Bingo 2017

So I have seen this book around a few book sites and when I saw my local library had it I wanted to see if it way any good. Well for me it was a decent read worth 4 wine glasses. Only because of two reasons 1. Is because it took me until about the second attack to really get into the book. 2. I have no clue really what  Newises, Fictionals, and Irwins really were in the blogging world. I know that is something small but it bothered me. 

Characters I actually really like Georgia and Shaun as brother and sister they made a bad-a.. team trying to get the news to the public. 

In zombie stories we always have it go the way of the heroine killing them, finding survivors and trying to live. In this story that has zombies (even animals that can become zombies) we have a community of people living a semi-normal life with the occasional outbreaks and getting the news out to the people. This isn't your normal run of the mill news this is news via camera feeds and being put up on After the End times blog. You have testing when you enter a place or vehicle and then you have to test when you exit. In this new world it is very testing so to speak. 

When Georgia and Shaun get to be part of the biggest story ever it will jump their ratings like never before. They get to cover the man running for presidency how neat is that! Georgia lets it be known that she will record any and everything though when outbreaks start happening, and her people start dying she realizes that the story is bigger than before. I will say this Georgia and her crew will stop at nothing to uncover what is going on even if that means dying themselves. 

I do think I plan on reading the next book in this series because where we leave off I am wondering what Shaun is going to be up to. 


Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2) by Charlaine Harris Halloween Book Bingo 2017

I am so glad my library has this in ebook it seems to be read so much faster by me rather than in paperback.


With that said I have to learn not to compare the books to the tv show it doesn't follow it all the way. 

One of my favorite characters is killed off in this one way too early for my liking! 

So I am not sure what is going on with Sookie in these books. She doesn't seem like the tough gal I pegged her for it is like she is okay with being Bill's human toy. She doesn't truly stand up for anything, well wait let me take that back she does want to find out who murdered her friend and she does uncover that but that is about it. 

So Sookie is attacked by a maenad which has a message that needs to be sent to our lovely Eric, on top of that she will find herself in Dallas helping the vampires there find their missing member. This is where we are introduced to the church Fellowship to the Sun and Sookie will find the answers she needs. One thing I do like about Sookie is her ability to read minds. She knows when she shouldn't and when she should, I think a lot of people that had that power wouldn't be so cautions with it. 

I do plan on reading book three as I want to see what else Sookie will find herself caught in the middle of!