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Just a mom who finds reading and reviewing to be enjoyable between housework, and raising my two minions. I enjoy pretty much everything I can get my hands on except bio's and historical. My main go to books are horror, dystopian, murder and the paranormal. 


Feed by Mira Grant Halloween Book Bingo 2017

So I have seen this book around a few book sites and when I saw my local library had it I wanted to see if it way any good. Well for me it was a decent read worth 4 wine glasses. Only because of two reasons 1. Is because it took me until about the second attack to really get into the book. 2. I have no clue really what  Newises, Fictionals, and Irwins really were in the blogging world. I know that is something small but it bothered me. 

Characters I actually really like Georgia and Shaun as brother and sister they made a bad-a.. team trying to get the news to the public. 

In zombie stories we always have it go the way of the heroine killing them, finding survivors and trying to live. In this story that has zombies (even animals that can become zombies) we have a community of people living a semi-normal life with the occasional outbreaks and getting the news out to the people. This isn't your normal run of the mill news this is news via camera feeds and being put up on After the End times blog. You have testing when you enter a place or vehicle and then you have to test when you exit. In this new world it is very testing so to speak. 

When Georgia and Shaun get to be part of the biggest story ever it will jump their ratings like never before. They get to cover the man running for presidency how neat is that! Georgia lets it be known that she will record any and everything though when outbreaks start happening, and her people start dying she realizes that the story is bigger than before. I will say this Georgia and her crew will stop at nothing to uncover what is going on even if that means dying themselves. 

I do think I plan on reading the next book in this series because where we leave off I am wondering what Shaun is going to be up to. 


Living Dead in Dallas (Sookie Stackhouse #2) by Charlaine Harris Halloween Book Bingo 2017

I am so glad my library has this in ebook it seems to be read so much faster by me rather than in paperback.


With that said I have to learn not to compare the books to the tv show it doesn't follow it all the way. 

One of my favorite characters is killed off in this one way too early for my liking! 

So I am not sure what is going on with Sookie in these books. She doesn't seem like the tough gal I pegged her for it is like she is okay with being Bill's human toy. She doesn't truly stand up for anything, well wait let me take that back she does want to find out who murdered her friend and she does uncover that but that is about it. 

So Sookie is attacked by a maenad which has a message that needs to be sent to our lovely Eric, on top of that she will find herself in Dallas helping the vampires there find their missing member. This is where we are introduced to the church Fellowship to the Sun and Sookie will find the answers she needs. One thing I do like about Sookie is her ability to read minds. She knows when she shouldn't and when she should, I think a lot of people that had that power wouldn't be so cautions with it. 

I do plan on reading book three as I want to see what else Sookie will find herself caught in the middle of! 

Halloween Book Bingo 2017

First time for me to join in on the fun that I keep seeing. Now I have been working on this list for HOURS!!! I will have to look at more books as I need a break because I am getting frustrated. 


Char's Horror Corner posted that she was doing the book bingo and it looked really interesting so I started looking into it. I read mysteries and horror pretty much all the time but I have never just thought about what setting the books take place in. So my card is below  and here are the list of books I will be reading hopefully they fall into the right places. If not I guess I gotta do more research lol.


1. Terrifying Women- Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott


2. Vampires- A Vampire's Tale Maya Tyler


3. Werewolves- Rebel Wolf - Amy Green 


4. The Dead Will Rise- To Escape the dead by Stephen Charlick


5. Haunted Houses- The After House by Michael Phillip Cash


6. Supernatural- Old Eyes The Marked World 1- Danyal Fryer


7. Ghost- Onxy Webb: Book Teen: episodes 29, 30, 31, 32 Richard Fenton


8. Diverse Voices  Voice of the Blood by Jermiah Jefferson   Changed to Pale and Crimson by Kayti Nika Raet



9. Cozy Mystery- Russian Roulette by Mike Faricy -Read and called


10. In the Dark, Dark Woods- The Woods Amanda - Read not called


11. Demons- Bloodline by Shannon K Brown


12. Genre-Horror- Feed by Mira Grant - Read not called


13. Terror in a small town- Girl in Snow


14. Darkest London- A Murder Close to home by Julia Underwood


15. Classic Horror- Salem's Lot by Stephen King


16. Chilling Children- Meat by Bones Monroe (Not sure if this fits here. But it has a child who has gone missing?)


17. Murder Most Foul- A Guide to Murdered Children 


18. 80's horror- The Dead Zone by Stephen King


19. Modern Masters of Horror- Stillborn by The Behrg


20. Monsters-  Dinosaur Lake by Kathryn Griiffith 


21. Serial Spree Killer- Last Meal: Based on the true story of the Bloody Benders by Paul Ibbetson 


22. Amateur Sleuth- Charcoal Joe by Walter Mosley changed to Hazardous Duty: Squeaky Clean Mysteries by Christy Barritt



23. Romantic Suspense- Poison


24. American Horror Story- Living Dead in Dallas by Charlaine Harris- Read not called



Winner a book from booklikes

I have a question for all of you who use booklikes.


I entered into a giveaway and won but it wants me to download the ebook from something called filefactory. 


Being as I have never won anything off of here and I am kind of wondering if this is legit. Is there anyone who can tell me if it is please. 


I don't want to do anything illegal or be involved with something illegal.


Thank you 



The giveaway owner got back with me and sent the file. I feel better knowing that it could have been sent that way.

Celebrate! Mommies and Daddies by Sophia Day

We received this book to give an honest review. 


This book is full of love! We get to see in what ways our mommies and daddies love us along with the different languages that are used to say I love you. Even though I can not speak any other language but English it was fun trying to pronounce the different ways to say I love you to A. 

It is really great to see such diversity within this little books and how it doesn't matter your family, skin, or race you all love the same way.


Celebrate! Thanksgiving

We received this book to give an honest review.


This book is a good book to read especially around Thanksgiving! We are rhyming a bit in this story and we are also being told in an easy way for small children to learn about Christopher Columbus, Samoset and so forth. The pictures are awesome because they show the imagination of the children playing the part of different scenes. I think that is very important because the children who are being read to, or who are listening can see that other children use their imaginations as well. We also learn what the characters are thankful for and that opens up a discussion of what we are thankful for. 

At the end of the book we can learn a bit about how Thanksgiving came about and activities to do with your child/ren. 

Hell Will Rise (Bloodthirst Mafia #1) by Skyla Murphy

I received this book to give an honest review. 
So I really did enjoy the story and the way that Hunter could read numbers and crack codes was really awesome, never read a mafia story with that in. 
We learn that Hunter has lost it all and joined the Mafia but it has not been easy the things he has seen and endured are enough to bring any man or woman to their knees. Yet Hunter isn't just a normal person he has learned to take the heartache and pain like a champ. 
When Shayla enters his life it is not all rainbows Hunter is given a choice and he is to follow through or bad things will happen. 
It seems that Shayla and Hunter are connected in some way and when the truth is reveled the question will be asked. Can Hunter not kill her?
We see how a relationship could happen between Hunter and Shayla and we see the chemistry there it just takes a long time to take hold. Now as far as characters go I do enjoy them yet Shayla drove me crazy with her smart mouth. 
At times I can understand why she would get mouthy but in other situations it was like okay you gotta know when to be quiet. Hunter as a character I liked him. Especially the way he handled his life and knew that he made a mistake joining the Mafia but yet he knew why he had to. His back and forth with Shayla was ridiculous. Like he knew she couldn't be in his life yet needed her to be. He would rub his hands all over and get all hot and bothered but yet didn't want to have sex with her under the circumstances.
Other than that it was a good book to read with plenty of action. The way the ending came about I am ready to read the next book. I need to know what choice will Hunter make?

Gemstone (Out For You) by Anastasia Vitsky

I received this book via the author to give an honest review.


So I have never been big on reading about spanking or even f/f. So when the author asked me to read her other work I wanted to give it a try. I actually enjoyed the story lines she was coming up with and it wasn't dirty sounding like you would find in an erotic book.

So the first thing that calls out to me is the cover and the title. The title just pops out and the title Gemstone sounds so shiny and pretty. 

I will say I was kind of going omg when figging was mentioned. I have never heard of this before and it sounds really painful so I had to do some research and yeah.....just going to leave that right there......

I really liked how the author did this book. 

Not only do we get to see how Lorelei/Gemma lives and how she wants to find someone who enjoys the kinky life she lives she also wants to find love. She looks on these website but it seems to just draw people who are out for just one thing. Sex. We also have internet interactions between Mistress Lorelei and Starrygirl793. Now Starrygirl knows who Lorelei truly is but yet Lorelei doesn't know Starrygirl until everything is revealed. We see how Celine who has tried to find out more about Gemma tries to let her know how she feels and will do anything to have Gemma look to her for companionship even if that means lying to her. We see how Gemma handles the situation and I would have expected nothing less. 

The way the ending came about I can honestly say I didn't think it would really go that way but I am truly glad it did. 

There will be friendship, betrayal, love and coming out.  

Blood Street by Carl Alves

I received this book to give an honest review.


So this book has been on my list to read for a while. I started it then ended up putting it down because it was not holding my attention. Then I finally decided to man up and give it another try and see if it will hold my attention again. 

Well I was right, I ended up enjoying the story a bit more than when I first started it. 

The story was decent. You have vampires, FBI and the mafia coming together but not in a good way. The mafia likes to serve their own justice when one of them or their family is affected by something, so when one of Enzo's man gets attacked he will stop at nothing to find the person behind it. When a witness informs Enzo it was the work of a vampire that surely can't be right, because well vampires do not exist. 

We see how two groups will come together to stop the killings, many lives will be lost and some will actually take on the side of the vampires. 

We do get a bit of back history on how one of the main vampires was turned and I really like that.  I think when certain paranormal creatures are written in a book they have to have some back story to them. 

If you like killings, vampires, action and crime then give this book a try. 

I am back!!

Man not sure what has been going on with booklikes but I have not been able to connect via facebook! 


What have you all been reading? I just finished Blood Street by Carl Alves and it has vampires and the mafia. We all know that won't be a good mix. 

My son and I are in the middle of Harry Potter. We are almost done with book two and then we will be moving on to book three. He has really been doing good with listening to me read. 


Also I learned that he really doesn't enjoy reading UNLESS it is an audio book! He can listen to books and keep his hands busy which is really good for him. I am hoping that the audiobooks will keep the spark for reading going. 


Now I know we are in the month of August but is everyone excited for IT? I know that is coming out next month. I am so wanting to see it in theaters but yet I am terrified jerks will be walking around in clown costumes and I might have to throat punch someone for scaring me. 


Well I am off to get some reviews written hope life is treating you well.


Awakened Desires (Shattered Lives, Book Two) (Volume 2) - Rissa Blakeley

So I read book one and where we left off I really wanted to see about book two and where that was going to take us. I really enjoyed Gunther's story more than I did Henry's which I was very surprised of. With this book we are told things through Gunther's point of view and he has the same past as Henry. We see how he played a role with the virus being released and how he deals with his part in it.  We get a look into how Gunther finds love when he thought he was unlovable. 

We do finally get to see what happens to Claire and the baby and let me say my heart broke, it could have only gone one of two ways.

As the story unfolds you just have to wonder how it will go down once Henry and Gunther find Roger. I am hoping that scene is going to be amazing. I think Henry is going to get the answers he needs from his past. 

I thought I would not have liked Gunther especially because he is such a woman user but I really fell in love with the character I felt he was more real than Henry ever was. Which I guess is super weird but it happened. I think the author did a better job with this story than the first one, but that is my opinion. 

It was amazing to see how Gunther grew from the beginning to the end, and how protective he is with those he calls family and holds dear to his heart. 

The plot is steady, the characters are well developed, the back story to the characters will have you crying. I can't wait to read book three to see where this is going to go. 

NetGalley Review

The Perfect Stranger: A Novel - Megan Miranda

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. So the suspense of this book kept me on my toes I really wanted to know if Leah would uncover the truth about her roommate. She did but the ending I felt lacked the wow factor in it all. Maybe the author wanted to play it safe, but I wanted to know what truly would make Emmy Grey do what she did. It couldn't be just because of her knowing someone eight years ago no, to me it seemed more deeper than that. In The Perfect Stranger Leah is starting over with her life because of what happened when she was a journalist. She still thinks about it though she is trying to move on. Everything seems to be going good for her as she is becoming a teacher until someone is found injured near her home not only that she is getting phone calls and emails. When her roommate goes missing Leah can't just let the cops do their job it could be too late. So Leah starts investigating and what she will uncover will be something that seems to have been in the works for a long time. How you can trust anyone when the one person you thought you could trust is not who they truly are? There was plenty of suspense there I just felt it lacked the big wow factor towards the end more like a safe ending. I felt that Leah could have demanded more answers from Emmy. As well as Kyle could have demanded more answers for Leah being as he is a police detective he seemed to be very forth coming with things going on with the case with Leah.


Broken Dreams (Shattered Lives, Book One) - Rissa Blakeley, Young Kim


It will be a long review.


Wow 634 pages!!! It took me a while to read it, not because it wasn't interesting but because it was long. I was trying to find a way to rate this book because at times it would hold my interest then when a temper tantrum was thrown I would roll my eyes and go oh wow here we go again. 

Before I get into all that let me say the book is pretty decent read and I wasn't sure where the book was going to really go until I got half way in.  I can say the way the author wrote Henry and what was going on with him was pretty neat. Even though what Henry had to go through wasn't good. 

F.Y.I the book does get pretty hot is the word I will go for, so at first I would have thought this book was good for the YA but it is more maybe NA or adult.


So it may be hard for me to give a review without giving away anything but I will try the best I can.

We are told the story at first from Henry's point of view. He has a bad background from being in a program which we get a taste of in the beginning. When he meets Elaina he decides he loves her with every being in his body and it is enough for him to move on with his life away from those who tortured him. Though the question will remain will they even allow him to. Roger the head dude in charge of this program that Henry was a part of seems like he wants things done his way or no way. 

We see how Henry woos Elaina and they move on to their wedding day. Though their wedding day doesn't go as planned something has been unleashed and it is something Henry knows about. Really didn't see this being thrown in the story but hey I went with it. So can he keep the secrets to himself so his relationship won't be ruined? He seems the has more hidden secrets than just what is on the surface, it goes deep like a canyon.

Now the story starts being told from this point on between the present, and the memories of Elaina and Henry and how they became a couple, to how bad of Henry's past he had to cope with.

I did like that we finally got told Henry's horrific past because I could feel for him. Though his outbursts were a bit too much for me.

I would have left the dude along time ago because the way he would flip from all lovey dovey to upset and raging mad is crazy.

Now Elaina at first I was like okay she is going to be kicking butt during this whole thing, umm I felt like I was wrong. She seem to have a lot of tantrums like Henry did and a lot of crying spells. Especially when things didn't go her way and Henry was trying to protect the group by going out and getting supplies. Girl don't you know you gotta risk your life to live in this crazy world.

I also felt there was an over usage of words describing things such as every time Henry wanted to end his life he would grab "one of the many Sigs'," or when she was talking about Sophie and her spiked heels. Sometimes it was too much for me. 


As far as characters go honestly I didn't really like any of them because I couldn't relate and they made me so mad with their attitude, drama and tantrums. 

I was concerned that the group didn't think about stopping by another clinic or a store to get a monitor for Claire. 

When we got to the end of the book I was like okay this is how it is going to end, it wasn't a major cliffhanger but when Elaina mentions that 'she didn't realize how much she should have stayed with her....until she got back.' That makes me think that something is going to happen, so when this is said it makes me want to read book two and see where this is going to go. What will happen to Claire? Will she and the baby be okay? 

To me the book seemed to deal with more drama and tempers than actually trying to survive in this cruel world that has become about so maybe in book two there will be a turn around? I do want to see how Henry will fare because he seems to become worse and worse. 

NetGalley: The Girl Who Was Taken

The Girl Who Was Taken - Charlie Donlea

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

Oh wow. I can say I was pulled into this book and it took me for a ride. 

I thought I knew who was behind everything but I was far from being right, when it was revealed I sat there with my mouth opened going are you serious? Why didn't I think of that I mean it always has to be that person in stories like this. We are introduced to Megan and Livia. Megan is the young woman who was kidnapped and escaped and is trying to heal from the ordeal. Though through her therapy she is slowly starting to remember things that were not written in her book. What she will uncover will be something wild. Livia is becoming a medical examiner (which by the way I think is an amazing job), the author did a great job in detailing how Livia would work and how she observed people and their habits. It seems the job of a medical examiner is not easy. I have to say the descriptions of the people that Livia had to autopsy or see were pretty vivid in detail.  Livia comes across a man who is a floater but what she will uncover is more missing girls, a club that you only can get initiated into in a weird way, and answers to what happened to her sister and Megan. I really enjoyed how we got to go from the months, weeks and days leading up to the abduction to the present and how it really all connects. The characters developed were well done and the plot was a steady pace. For me this was a page turner. I fell in love with this author's writing style when he wrote Summit Lake and I was hoping for more from him and it was delivered. He has a great way of building a great story and pulling you in until the last page.

You like murder and mystery all wrapped into one, pick this book up!

ARC: In the Presence of Knowing

In The Presence Of Knowing (Secrets Of Windy Springs) (Volume 1) - Valarie Savage Kinney, Wicked Muse Productions

I received this book to give an honest review.


I have read other books by this author and I have to say I do like her writing style so I expected this book to be a bit different but yet good at the same time. I can honestly say I almost threw my kindle when I got to the very end of the book and there was a HUGE cliffhanger. We are introduced to Layla who is in an abusive relationship and pregnant. When she runs away from her ex-boyfriend she joins her friend at a Renaissance Festival and helps her and her business out. Though it seems that this Festival is more than just a festival. While Layla is there she finds love with an unlikely character and we watch as their friendship blossoms into something more. 

When we get towards the end we learn about what exactly the knowing is about and how Layla is apart of it. 


As far as characters go I thought they were well developed. I think my favorite character was Rogan and just how sensitive and a gentleman that he was, really called to me. It seems that Rogan will do anything for Layla and go to great depths to protect her.

I think this is going to become a good series as I am hoping to read more about the Knowing and maybe Cordelia and why she gives off bad vibes. I really enjoyed the magical element from the Renaissance Festival that the author brought to life. It makes for a good setting.


ARC Review: A Case of Magic

A Case of Magic: An Urban Fantasy Novel (The Wildes Chronicles Book 1) - Dominika Waclawiak
I received an ARC to give an honest review
I think I am going to like this series by this author. She is very new to me and I found her though subscribing through to her newsletters. Her other books sounded like they would be right up my alley so when I saw she wrote this one I was wondering where it was going to go.
I was not disappointed. We are introduced to P.I, Mabry who likes to fly under the radar and do her job. When Mabry is stopped by two vampires this starts her journey of finding herself in certain situations and getting answers to what happened to her friends, and others. While trying to solve what is going on she starts to uncover more of her fae powers than before. Though she is still in the dark what her powers will do it does seem to help her in her time of need. Who can she truly trust through this all that is the question.
I am excited to see this series play out as we leave off with a cliffhanger. Can't wait to read book two and find out more about this resistance and if Mabry will stop those that are in power.