Beautiful Series

Destiny (Book #3) - Jennifer   Gibson

Destiny picks up right where Compass leaves off. Jessie has really grown into a remarkable young woman. She is determined to get her black belt which I think is amazing as she is really good at it.

Jessie ends up getting pretty sick and I was really getting concerned about her as it was really taking an effect on her but of course she gets over it but something doesn't seem okay with Jessie. 

Her and Ethan are doing great and you can tell he really cares for her and that is just amazing especially because Jessie is hearing impaired and does everything in his power to make her feel special. 

With Jessie slowly coming out of shell we see her starting to get a bit of a voice when she isn't happy with how she is being treated which all I can say is it is about time. It has been a great journey following Jessie as she has gone from quiet, to learning karate, to now speaking up for herself. 

Now there were times in the story that I could feel myself getting angry. One being when we read about a memory of hers where a teacher threw her school items outside of the classroom door and made her go out there. What teacher does that? 

One quote I love in this book and it is said by Ethan to Jessie. " You have the power to be in control of everything that happens, especially now."

One of the funny parts in this story was when Jessie was volunteering in the hospital and she witnessed one of the nurses escorting one of the patients to the bathroom. This patient was dropping tootsie rolls on the floor. I could do nothing but laugh and I will no longer look at that candy the same again.

The only problem I had with the story was there seemed to be some either formatting issues or maybe misspellings. It wasn't bad but you noticed them when it happened.


This is a great coming of age story that I think everyone would love to read this series.