Rite of Rejection

Rite of Rejection - Sarah Negovetich

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review. 3.5 rating

While I started to enjoy this book I felt as though some parts reminded me of another book I just finished a while back. So because of that I did have to drop my rating.

Rebecca or Becca as she is called at times, is a normal teenage girl who is waiting to attend the Acceptance ball. Now I know you are wondering what the heck is this Acceptance ball? Well it is a group of guys and girls who have reached a certain age go in front of a machine and it picks if they are going to the Pit or will be accepted into society. Pretty much it picks if you are going to be a criminal, even if you have never committed a crime before.

Rebecca is with her best friend trying on dresses having a good time, kind of nervous of course. When she ends up meeting this nice guy name Eric. And then we fast forward to where Rebecca is standing inside the machine and that is where her fate lies.

Well the story wouldn't be a good story if Rebecca ends up being accepted right? So we all know she goes to the Pit. And it is not a fun place to be, they are secluded from the world and it is full of so called criminals.
While in the Pit Rebecca ends up finding a group of people she can later on call her friends and someone she has met before. Now the question sets will they ever escape? Do they have any plans to end the terror of the Pits? Who will Rebecca end up with?

Now in the Pit of course there is going to have to be some kind of romance and there was nothing major but it was a big ole' I like him, but he is with her and someone else likes me and how do I tell him without hurting his feelings. And that bothered me with Becca. I just wanted her to tell this guy I DO NOT WANT TO BE WITH YOU.

I could see this being a good and decent Dystopian story that the YA will for sure enjoy. I do find myself wanting to read book two if there is going to be one. As after the ending I want to know what is going to happen next. Will whatever Rebecca has planned work or will it backfire?And how exactly does the machine pick who is good and who is labeled bad, by this I know how it is done, but exactly how. I know they put their hands on this umm I want to say ball or something to that effect. I hope these questions are answered in book two.