Reviewed kindle edition

One Night in Mississippi - Craig Shreve

I received this book via NetGalley.
This was a really good book far better than I expected it to be.
This is a short book filled with sadness.
We started off the book with some white men picking up a young African-american who we learn is named Graden, And as the story progresses we learn that Graden was murdered and the people accused walk away free. But Graden's brother Warren can not let his death go with out justice. The Williams lived in the sixties and knew what horrors awaited African-american's so when Graden's death came about you know it tore this family up. Warren is not close to his family as he blames himself for the death of his brother and we later on find out why he does. We watch as Warren drifts along getting justice for his brother and he catches the last man who is living and not behind bars. But this man's account is different and one I was not expecting we learn what happened that night of Graden's death and I don't think Warren was expecting it either. We go back and forth between times from the sixties and when Warren is looking for justice, and I enjoyed that as it was not confusing at all. It gave us back story on the William's.
This was a very touching book and I could feel for the characters in some way.
The only problems I had with the story is 1. how were the white men caught? I know it may not have been something major but I felt as though the story could have elaborated on it.
2. Towards the end when we meet Earl I would have liked to have known it was Earl's point of view we were being told about. It was like we were in Warren's P.O.V. and bam in Earl's or well under his "hiding" name and I had to go back and re-read it. And anyone who has read my reviews knows I do not like to have to go back and re-read to make sure I did not miss something.
Other than those two things the book was a great read and touched a subject that can pull on your heart strings of how people were treated back in the day.