If You Were Me and Lived in...Scotland: A Child's Introduction to Culures Around the World (Volume 15) - Carole P. Roman

We received this book to give an honest review.


This series is a great learning series for young kids. They get to use their imaginations and travel to new places with each book. In this story we are taken into the world of Scotland. We learn what people wear, what they eat (I have to say that the dish that contains a sheep's stomach was not appealing), what they call their parents. It is all very education and fun. I have always wanted to visit Scotland since I was a child and after reading this book I still do. K loves trying to say the different words that people in Scotland say and it was a hoot listening to him. 

This book is filled with so much information that is does not come across as boring or as too much. It is the perfect amount for kids to learn.