What It Took To Realize & Voodoo (Daughters of the Ocean Book 1) - Mercedes Guy

I received this book to give an honest review. 

I really don't even know how to write this review. I have been sitting here for the last fifteen minutes trying to get my head around on how to write it just right.

When I read the blurb I was like this is really up my alley as it is paranormal and of course it deals with mermaids so lets see where this goes.

What it takes to realize: For me it was not up to par. We have Morgan who is half-human and half-mermaid who has a guardian because she doesn't know her mother. At school she is picked on by Ginger because I guess she is beautiful even though she doesn't know it. Morgan keeps to herself as she doesn't like to draw attention and have people know what she is. So when Leroy asks Morgan out she is very surprised as she doesn't understand why he would do that. Needless to say after the first date we think all is good until he rapes her. This leads to Emmaline coming into Morgan's life in a way that we learn later on she is to "save" her. Morgan becomes pregnant with a super natural child which Emmaline stands beside Morgan during this tough time. Morgan and Emmaline get close and realize they have feelings for each other more than they expected to.

On to the other part of the story Voodoo:

It was the same story being told but through Emmaline's eyes. We get the same story but some different parts on what she got to see or do that we didn't know about. 

We learn as why she was "thrown" into Morgan's life, but we don't officially get the WHY!! If that makes sense I take it that maybe in book two we will really find out.

We learn why Emmaline and Ginger don't get along and it is something I didn't even think about.


Now the story overall is alright. There were some misspellings through out the book and I just hope that was on the copy I got and not the one that was published.

The story seemed very fast paced for me to the point that I really couldn't get involved in the story or with the characters. They fell flat for me. One thing that bothered me was how Leroy comes out of no where and rapes Morgan, it just didn't seem real in that sense. Her pregnancy felt almost like the scene in Twilight as that is what comes into my head when I read it.

I think this book could be promising if the author slowed down a bit and did not rush the plot. Also I think there could have been more back story to Morgan as we just know that she was on a doorstep.