Five Suns of Treason (Five Suns Saga Book 1) - Jim Heskett

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I read the blurb and thought this was right up my alley but I was disappointed. When a book is taking on the end of the world with some corruption put in it I want to read about that. Instead we jumped to the before, after, and during through out the whole book of what was considered the end of the world. I wasn't able to tell what caused the world to be the end, the characters were flat as I couldn't picture any of them in my head. I think the best scene for me was in the prison. Where the prisoners are free and we learn that the reporter that was put into jail was right about whatever he wrote.

Now the book is part of a series which I think might have been better to put them all together so maybe we could get the whole picture as to what is going on.

I didn't feel a strong plot going as the story jumps a lot I do hope that maybe in book two we can find out why the world has ended.

If you like a book that seems to have mini-stories all together then I say get this book maybe you may enjoy it a whole lot more, for me it wasn't my cup of gin.