The Safe Room

The Safe Room - B. A. Shapiro

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


You know I am not too big on historical books or even this kind of genre, but when I was offered the chance to read it I figured why the hell not. Jump right on in and give it a chance the worst thing is that I don't enjoy it and I can always just put it to the side.

Instead I got into the book. I loved the back and forth P.O.V. from Sarah while writing in her diary to the present of Lee who lives in the house and is having it restored. 

Lee's grandmothers home is considered to be part of the Underground Railroad which I have always been fascinated with how it worked for people back in the day. Lee not only is trying to help get the home restored she also works at a place called SafeHaven that is for those that need the help because of drugs or alcohol sometimes it is the last stop for them before they end up in prison. 

While working at her job she told almost all the time or at least to her that race is a bit deal and being that she is white she doesn't understand how it works for black people. And this is done through out the whole book but it isn't something I agree with. 

As the house is being redone there seems to be a ghost of someone left behind when the house was used as a safe house. You have a good idea who it is as you read more of Sarah's diary. My heart was heavy for Sarah as she was a white woman who later fell in love with a black man and back then that was a no-no. You were not suppose to do that. 

We read as Sarah goes through heartbreak, grief and finally happiness which I thought was amazing.

I did enjoy the plot twist that was thrown in with the murder that occurred in the present. The person who committed this was something I didn't even think could have done it.

I was very glad to read something that was so touching and opens your eyes to the way things were back when slavery was around it is a topic most don't talk about as it is crazy it even happened. I enjoyed the way the author was able to get the past and present all together and make it come full circle.