Loved it.

Frozen in Time (Alimanti) (Volume 1) - Lavinia Urban

I received an ARC copy to give an honest review.


I am use to this author's work and so when I was told she had a new book coming out I so wanted to get my hands on it so I could see what else she has up her sleeve. With Frozen in Time we are dealing with the unknown of what is in Alimanti . Kasey-Ray was a normal child until her mother died and then her father died of a broken heart. Thinking she could live with her best friend she is told that she has a grandfather who is going to take her and take care of her but only where he lives in a small town of Alimanti. Kasey-Ray being a teenager of course is not happy about this, but there is nothing she can do. I felt really bad for the young girl because she was out in the middle of no where with no electricity talk about going crazy!!! 

As the story progresses we learn why her grandfather and grandmother are no longer together, the person her grandmother is, is a big revelation one that Kasey-Ray is surprised at. 

There is something beyond the wooded area and what decision Kasey-Ray makes may not be the right one. 

I am excited to see where this series is going to go, after the ending I wonder what else is going to happen. 

I enjoyed the playfulness between Kasey-Ray and Josh it was harmless teenage jokes and fun but it was nice to see some type of humor within the book. 

This is a good book for the teenagers I think they will highly enjoy this book and others in the series as well.