Unpaved Surfaces - Joseph Souza

I received this book via Kindle Scout to give an honest review.

When looking through the blurb really pulled me to want to read this book. You have a young boy that just vanishes, the family is no longer the same and and we watch as the family slowly starts to heal but it is taking time.

Now the names of the kids will probably throw you off. I know it did me when I was reading, I like different names in books but not too different. 

We are introduced to Keith who blames himself for Auggie going missing when he took him to the bus stop. Auggie's mother blames herself because she was suppose to take him but instead did not.

Keith believes he sees Auggie's ghost on more than one occasion and follows him wherever he is going, he is hoping to find out what happened. Now no one really believes Keith when he says he sees the ghost of his missing son. 

Now enter in an author who ends up playing a crucial role but we don't know much until towards the end when it all comes full circle and it is like oh wow that is a nice twist. 

We watch as slowly but surely the  Battle family even though they are down on luck with the depression of losing a family member, losing jobs and campaigns they all eventually come together and get the answers they need. 

The characters are very descriptive and the author has a way of giving you a lot of detail on the place where they live that you feel like you are there. You feel connected to the characters one way or another.

I have to say I felt bad for  Shippen and the things he had to deal with at school, it did kind of though me for a loop when his peers thought he had something to do with Auggie disappearing. I never truly understood why just because he kept to himself. 

I honestly could not put the book down as I was determined to find out myself what happened to little Auggie. 

If you are looking for a good mystery then this would be the book for you.