World After - Susan Ee

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.

We pick up where book one Angelfall left off. 

Penryn gets her sister back along with her mother but then unfortunately Paige is not the same. The angels did something to her. 

The streets are  no longer active people are disappearing and when Paige takes off Penryn tries to find her again. Only this time Penryn is captured and taken to Alcatraz what she sees there is unlike anything she could have imagined. The Angels are up to something a whole lot more than destroying the world. There seems to be some type of power struggle going on and us humans are caught in the middle of it all. 

You know the scorpion type things that were in book one, well there are a whole lot more of them and you will probably be surprised at how they are made.

Penryn makes it her mission to get off of Alcatraz and on to finding her sister and hoping along the way she finds Raffe. 

The book is full of action pretty much from the start and there are no slow spots within the story, you are left wanting to find out more. 

Penryn is still as strong as in book one but now she seems even stronger especially since she has been through so much. 

Penryn's family plays more of a role within the story and we see that Penryn's mother may be crazy but somehow she has been able to survive all the bad things that have happened to others along with I think she knows what is going on and happening. Though I feel sorry for Penryn as she doesn't truly know how to help her mother deal with being mentally ill she tries her hardest. 

Now we all know that when you name a sword that it has to be a powerful name, the name that Penryn named her sword had me in a fit of giggles. I can't even tell you the name as it would be a spoiler just know it isn't what you think.

I can not wait to read book three as I am ready to see if Raffe will become a fallen before too long. Will the Angels succeed with their plans of whatever they have going on? And what will happen to Paige?