The Terrorist's Daughters: T.O.G.G.L.E #1 - Brian Arthur Levene

I received this book to give an honest review.

This book is part of my #PaperbackFriday reading. It has been on my review list for a while, so I was glad I was able to get to it.

You have young girls who lived a life of terror. Their father deals with terrorists and not only that him and his wife abuse their children, to the point that the youngest child is given sleep drugs to make her sleep at night so she doesn't know what is going on. With that happening she is being trained though she doesn't know it yet. 

Zahra and Aalia are the two sisters in the story and it is heartbreaking to see what they put up with, but we also see the strength they have been given to escape. We watch as they go from the US to Pakistan back to the US. Though it is not without trouble following them. They befriend people which at times is not good because with their father hunting them down it puts others in danger as well. 

What I gather is Zahra was taught at such a young age to survive without knowing it by her sister Ambriel there is a word that is used on Zahra that makes her a solider in a way. This comes in handy when dealing with danger. Ambriel was the girls oldest sister who ran away but got caught and no one has heard from her so they believe she is dead, but the question is is she?  

We follow Zahra and Aalia as they learn who to trust and how they will make it on their own with their father's money as they plan on taking him down in some way. Both of the characters are very strong and do not give up on anything, they always find a way to overcome the impossible. The one character who stood out for me is Zahra being twelve years old and doing what she has to is hard but she handles it very well.

We go back and forth with the chapters between both characters and you never feel lost. With the way the ending left off it makes me want to read book two, and find out how will these two and their other sister who has been living in the states will get rid of their father who has brought so much hurt and pain not only to them but others as well.