Widow's Might: A Liv Bergen Mystery - Sandra Brannan

I won this book in a giveaway on a blog. What called to me was the cover and the title Widow's Might, it just sounds right up my alley.
Honestly I would read the other two books in this series before you even read this one, and the reason I say this is because of the relationship between Liv and the FBI and who Liv is as a person. I believe that in the other books we would learn more on who she is and need to read the others in this series to get the full back story of everything.
Now this book can be read as a stand alone being as the murders done by the Crooked Man seems to be its own mystery, and it is up to Liv and her buddies who are in the FBI and her bloodhound dog to solve the murders before more and more elderly and dying people are caught in the crossfires. I really enjoyed how we were never told who the murder was until almost the very end I kept thinking it was one certain character and then BAM!
The past is all tied into the present and for the agents and Liv they need to look into the past of General Custer to know why killings are happening now.
I have to say my favorite quote in the book "You're killing people over diarrhea? Are you shi**ing me?"
To understand that quote by Liv you have to read the book to find out, I found myself laughing and taking a picture to post on instagram as the best pun I have heard!!

Overall a good mystery book but I advise you to read the other two before this one so you don't feel like you started right in the middle of a story already being told!