Through the inhuman eyes

The Monster's Corner: Stories Through Inhuman Eyes - Heather Graham, Jeff Strand, Kelley Armstrong, Sarah Pinborough, Sharyn McCrumb, David Liss, Michael Marshall Smith, Nate Kenyon, Lauren Groff, John McIlveen, Dana Stabenow, David Moody, Chelsea Cain, Tom Piccirilli, Gary A. Braunbeck, Tananarive Due, Jonathan Maberry, Ch

When I entered into this giveaway to read this book I was in love with not only the title but the cover as well it just CALLED to me. Now it took me a while before I could read it as we all know my book list is long! 

Now when I started the book we are given an introduction by Christopher Golden on what he wanted out of this book. He wanted the stories told by the monsters point of view not the humans which I got. He didn't want the normal vampires and zombies that are always told he wanted something different and I was digging that. Then I started reading. Normally I can finish a book within a day or two maybe three days but this one took me almost a full week. Not sure if it was because I was not getting into the short stories or if it was because I have had things to do but it is like I have had to force myself to read it. Now it is far from scary or horror like I thought. Each story is different and unique in its own way and the characters are ones you can either like or not like.  There were a few stories I did enjoy and they pulled me in rather quickly.

1. Torn Stitches, Shattered Glass it was a remake of Frankenstein, but done in a good way. 

2.) Big Man. This one was one of those awww I felt sorry for the dude. I mean he becomes this giant and what got me was the ending of the story when he is holding his son and listening to him talk. 

3. Less of a girl. Oh my let me just say I will never look at an eyeball different again. It was very descriptive and was right up my alley. 

Overall a good book that I believe most will enjoy was it something that I really loved no. Would I read more books like this probably so in the back of the book I did see a book called The New Dead and it looks like it could be a good book to read. 


I wasn't sure how to rate it I was torn between a three and a four and decided I should go with a four even though this book wasn't what I was expecting.