By Michael Phillip Cash The Flip [Paperback] - Michael Phillip Cash
I received this book to give an honest review.
First let me say I love the cover and it goes well for the story being told.
This is a regular old ghost story that isn't really scary or anything. You have Julie and Brad who are happily married and they flip houses as a side job. When they come across an old house called the Hemmings House it is more than they end up bargaining for. For there are unsettled spirits there, as we deal with the changes both Brad and Julie are experiencing within the house which is not good,  the past is also brought into play. The way the author weaved the past and present together was enjoyable. Now there is a twist that comes about and it was something I didn't think of happening. When Julie sees something that is not real and pretty much gets scared she asks for a medium to come into the home to figure out what is going. The Hemmings House is very popular in this small town so it just normal for people to be curious about it even this medium lady. 
The ending was good I did think it was a nice way to make the end come without feeling just forced. Now the reason I am giving this book a four rating is because I wanted to learn more about the other entity that was within the house. It was the ones that kept the ghost Tess in check when she started messing with not only Brad but the other humans that have been in the house. With the way the ending came about I do wonder if the author could spin another book that deals with the characters Julie and Brad?