Review: Swiss Family RobinZom (book 1)

The Swiss Family RobinZOM (Book 1) The Classic Family Adventure... Now With Zombies! - Perrin Briar

I received this book to give an honest review.

So I received this book via a newsletter from the author and figured you know what this has to be right up my alley since I am a lover of zombie books. Now I never got into the Swiss Family hype (if there ever was one) so I kind of went into this story just thinking about zombies. 

You have a family who has decided on heading to the Philippines to start a new life everything seems okay until the topic is brought up over a couple of beers about a virus that has been over seas. While Bob and the guys are discussing this virus they hear on the radio that it has spread all over. No where is safe. Now this gets them thinking that the ship may no longer be safe and they need to find the captain to tell him. Well we all know how this is going to turn out or do you? Being stuck on a ship with zombies doesn't sound like fun especially when you are surrounded by water. All I can say is I am ready to read the next book in this series as I want to know if the Robinson's will survive what will be their next adventure with the world being taken over by the living dead.

If you are looking for zombies, looking for a twist in an old classic, looking for some not too heavy blood and gore then pick up this book. I believe you won't be disappointed.