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Zoo - Michael Ledwidge, James Patterson

I decided to read this book as I heard that Zoo will be becoming a TV series starting on Tuesday. I wanted to get my hands on the book before the show comes out so I wouldn't miss anything. 


I was very impressed with this story. The plot is unique for me as I have never read about the animals going crazy so to say. It is something scary to even think about. You have the character Jackson Oz who has been keeping up with certain events that deals with animal attacks. He has a chimp named Attila who he has been taking care of since he was little and he rescued from a lab, and we get a glimpse into what Attila is going through in some parts of the book which I thought was pretty cool to add in. When Oz gets asked to come to Africa from a friend because the lions there are acting very strange he jumps at the chance. This is the start of what Oz needs to do to get the world to listen to him and his theory of H.A.C.  The animals are acting weird for a reason and once we get the reason much later in the book it is like oh wow could that ever happen. I mean it probably couldn't in real life but it could be a big possibility. Yes it is fake but that is what makes it a story right. 

 Oz has to go through mayors and the senators and the President to even get heard but in the end will they even listen or will everything go back to how it was before? Who truly knows? Now the ending was one I wasn't expecting really I though it would have been a bit better but I could see it in a way ending that way as what are we to do as humans when the animals take over? 

You have to read the book to find out what is going on truly, because I don't want to give out any spoilers.