Review: Dark Inside

Dark Inside  - Jeyn Roberts

I actually saw book two before this one and when I noticed that there was a book one I had to get them both to read. I didn't even read the synopsis to see if the book was going to be up my alley I just went with the cover. 

Now normally a book like this I devour within a day or two, not sure if it was because I could easily put the book down or if it was because I had a busy weekend and hardly no time to read but it took me from Friday until today (Tuesday) to finish it. 

This story is told from 5 different P.O.V.'s which for me I don't really like as sometimes it gets confusing but I can say with this one I was okay with it. I was able to keep the characters apart and it all came together. The fifth point of view is from Nothing.  

Everything is fine one day that is until and earthquake hits and then some folks start going on a crazy murdering rampage. Those that have not been affected are running and hiding trying not to let the people who we later learn are being called Baggers find them and kill them. 

Four people all come together in the end but they each struggle to survive until the end somehow fate is bringing them all together. It seems everyone has a darkness inside of them but some it effects more than others this is the difference between the Baggers and normal people.

I wish there was some background as to why this happened was it from the earthquake? Was it from something in the air? I guess the mystery behind it is that it happened with no warning so to speak. 

Now the book does become a lot of running, hiding trying not to let the Baggers find you. There are some fighting scenes but nothing too major.

Each character has something about them that makes you remember them in some way. Aries seems to be a strong leader even though it weighs on her.

Mason is trying to keep the darkness at bay though he doesn't truly understand what the darkness is.

Michael I hate to say it but seems like a coward he runs instead of helping those around him.

Clementine I haven't pegged her personality as of yet, she comes into play when her family ends up dying all but her brother Heath. She is on a mission to find him.  

We all know that these characters will meet up but it is a matter of when and what will happen. With each chapter being a different person we see what they are going through at a certain time, how they see the world and what they are thinking. 

I plan on reading book two as I want to follow this group to see if they are going to continue to survive or will they be captured? Will we get an answer to what caused people to turn into killers?

I only hope with book two there is more action and not just a lot of running and hiding.