Review: Aurora by Amos Cassidy

Aurora - Amos Cassidy

I received this book via NetGalley to give an honest review.


When I read the synopsis I didn't know what to think about the book at first. With someone being called Ma and someone named Oz I was thinking it was going to be a weird book. I have read books from the author before so I knew a bit of their writing style and liked it. I was thoroughly impressed with plot, setting and characters. 

Oz and True live in the new world of bandits, Eaters and raiders and they are twins. Three hundred years ago humans went bye-bye almost. Who and what is left seems to be those that are mutants in some way or form. True seems to be normal but we find out later on she isn't. Oz he for sure isn't normal and we find this out when the Darkness comes out in dire need. Oz, True and their Ma travel from town to town while Oz fights in arenas so he can save money so the three can eventually get their own place to settle down somewhere. The description of the way the Earth looks was done in a way you an imagine the way it is through the eyes of Oz and True.

When True gets kidnapped it is up to Oz and a man named Quinn to save her. Though where True is this is where everything that has happened to the world will have answers. We see the place called Aurora and it is not all easy living it seems that most of the people there are no better than the bad people living above them. True and Oz finally learn who they are as people and it came to a shock to me especially the way they were made to be together. 

There is action and there is romance though nothing to much and an unbreakable love. 

When I read Oz's unselfish move I got a bit teary eyed as it takes someone who loves someone else more than himself to do the unthinkable.

The characters were well developed Oz is a very protective guy over True but we see his compassion for helping others in need. True seems to be able to take care of herself but we really see her shine when Oz isn't there to help her out of trouble. The world created above and the world created below are both awesome and when they come together it is AWESOME. With the two main characters being in the spotlight and being well written the secondary characters were done just as great and you get a bit of their backstory as you read. Overall an amazing story being told.