#PaperbackFriday Review: Greco's Game

Greco's Game (Aleksandr Talanov thriller series, book #2) - James Houston Turner

I am not a big spy thriller reader there is just something about it that turns me away from reading. Though with this book Greco's Game I figured I would give it a try and see if it was any good. To me this wasn't a heavy spy thriller so it was quite easy for me to get into the story. Now this is book two though I wasn't lost as to what was going on and not knowing more of who Talanov was. Talanov witnessed his wife get murdered right in front of him, he believes that it was meant for him instead and he has been wanting to know who killed his wife. While wanting to know he is sleeping with hookers and drinking a lot. 

When a hooker named Larissa comes into the picture by trying to pull a fast one on him it becomes more than just that. It seems Talanov's past connections come into play and it seems someone from his past is behind everything. Talanov tries to warn those that want to help him and have him join their team but will they listen in enough time or will more blood be shed? 

There is a lot of action as far as gun slinging goes. We see how Talanov reacts in situations that calls for him to call people's bluff which was pretty cool. You can tell that Talanov is a character who is use to having those do what he tells them to or he will "break their legs." 

I liked seeing the relationship between Talanov and Larissa come together it makes me think he could love someone at one point. 

I did like the neat information on healing wounds and stopping blood from Larissa it is just simple home remedies, which I would have never thought of  being used. I might end up reading book three to see what else will be thrown Talanov's way. 

If you are looking for a spy book with plenty of action then I recommend this read.