You already know what today is! #PaperbackFriday

Well I am back with a new read I got from my public library. This weekend read is Lockdown from Alexander Gordon Smith. I have to say the cover and title called out to me on this one. It seems my library is getting some pretty good books on their shelves or they have always been there and I haven't truly looked. 

So I grabbed the book and looked inside to the first chapter to see if something would call out to me and sure enough it did.


This is the first paragraph. 

No Way Out

"If I stopped running I was dead.

My lungs were on fire, my heart pumping acid, every muscle in my body threatening to cramp. I couldn't even see where I was going anymore, my vision fading as my body prepared to give in. If the siren hadn't been hammering at my eardrums, then I'd have been able to hear my breaths, ragged and desperate, unable to pull in enough air to keep me going."


Just reading that sounds good right? Well if that didn't call to you here is the synopsis.





Beneath Heaven is Hell. Beneath Hell is Furnace.
Furnace Penitentiary: An underground hellhole. A place of pure evil with walls soaked in blood. Murderous gangs and vicious guards rule the darkness. Horrific creatures steal people away in the dead of night. And the impossible - escape - is the only hope.