NetGalley Review: The Murderer's Daughter

The Murderer's Daughter: A Novel - Jonathan Kellerman

I received this book via NetGalley for an honest review.


Man I don't even know where to start with this book. The title and the synopsis sounded like something that I was really going to enjoy. The book started off promising and it held my attention but I think when I got to where the detective ended up on Grace's door step is where I ended up losing interest. The ending was one of those ones that I was going whattttt?

We go back and forth between Grace's past and the present and it all comes together. The author did a great job with describing her past. 

So we start of the story with Grace and who her parents are and how she became the Murderer's Daughter. You feel so bad for Grace but you just have that feeling she is going to become something great in life. She ends up in foster home after foster home and is really intelligent for her age until she is finally adopted by two wonderful people. 

Then we move to the present where she is this awesome psychologist and everything is going good in her life, even her night light escapades. When she meets a guy in a bar and then ends up seeing him the next day as a patient that is when everything goes upside down for Grace. It seems that guy was more than just some random person, people in her past have came into the present. 

This whole time leading up to this I was hooked wondering what was going to happen next, then the detective came into the picture asking questions which is normal but then instead of leaving the investigation to the police Grace decides to go on about it herself. I could understand in a way why she was doing it but it felt unreal. She just went off by herself to catch a killer without any thoughts to what would happen to herself.  I felt I was left wondering why someone really wanted Grace and his brother dead. It really made no sense in a way. It was like we were left bread crumbs to find the answer but nothing was given. Then the whole scene towards the end with the bad guy and his sister I didn't understand  really what that was about or what the point of it was.

I think as a character Grace was well written but didn't feel real, I couldn't connect with her in any way. Also what is up with always telling us that she is eating jerky, it is one of those pieces of information you really don't need to know at ever turn.


This book didn't work out for me as well as I thought. The only thing I really enjoyed was Grace's past and how what she went through and dealt with made her who and what she was in the present.