Liked the lurchers but still had questions!

Blood Memory: The Complete Season One (Books 1-5) - Perrin Briar
This is a bit different than your normal zombie stories. The zombies in this book are called Lurchers and the way they act and behave is not normal. In this box set you get books 1-5 in season one so as soon as you finish one episode you can move on to the next without missing a beat. So I am going to do a review of each episode I figured that might be a bit easier.
Now I will go back and leave a more detailed review on each episode on other sites.
So in episode one we are introduced to the characters aboard Haven. This is where we also meet Jordan who was floating in the sea when the crew pick him up. It seems Jordan has a past that he can not remember. As we continue reading we see that the crew is pretty much like a tight knit family over the course of I guess days or weeks they find themselves scavenging for supplies on a ship which leads to a OMG what is going to happen next. When we see the outcome of this, then a storm hits and it seems to be a very powerful storm and we leave off wondering who has survived and who was lost at sea. The only thing here is we never know what has caused the world to end and be left with zombies. 
In Episode two we pick up right where episode one leaves off, we learn who has survived and we see Jordan burying a body which a first I was like who is it as it never said who the person was until a few pages later on. We meet our first Lurcher on land and he wasn't really all the scary to me. A member of their crew dies in a very tragic way which has Jessie go into shock and they all know they need to get back to sea. It is the best place to be though to get there they need a boat. This means they have to go through Terry who is ruthless and horrible. He runs a business but not in a good way drug and sex trade the whole nine yards. When it comes to meeting Terry and getting what they need we end up getting some action in this episode and that is where we leave off. 
Episode three now that they are back at sea of course they still need supplies so this becomes a supply run but this run ends up being a whole lot more trouble than it is worth. 
Anna, Jessie, Stan and Jordan end up meeting a group of soldiers that end up helping them out so they can survive and leave to be on sea. Though now it seems Jordan's past is slowly coming to light he still dreams of a woman and child and has no clue what it means. This is where we learn about someone called "Queenie" and why the Lurchers may be acting a whole lot more different than normal. It does seem to be a bit more dangerous to live on land than on sea but it seems that the lurchers have different plans for this group of survivors. 
Episode four we still don't know the cause of the outbreak but the book is still good. There is plenty of action happening even though there is a lot of running around. In this episode they come across plenty of crazy folks but of course that is meant to happen when the end of the world comes about. They lose yet another member of their group but we see Jessie come over her shock that has had her held captive. We also end up learning what a blood memory is and why the lurchers seem to be under control.
Episode five the last book in this season. A lot of fighting in this one Jordan finally remembers his past and knows why the head honcho lurcher wants him after tasting his blood. Anna and Jessie make it to the compound where the soldiers are at and all hell breaks loose. It literally is a fight of survival but we all know eventually the lurchers can't win or can they? We get to see Anna and Jessie really step up and take a fighting stance on these zombies. There is a character from their past that will come back but of course he doesn't get very far on his mission to destroy.
Overall a good zombie book very different in some aspects of the zombie world. The characters that were still standing felt strong though I still would have liked to have known how they all came together minus Jordan. We learn his backstory. I would have liked to have known more about each character. Also how did the outbreak happen? You know in this type of world you want to have some type of answers. There is plenty of action though out the book the lurchers at first do not seem scary or gory but as you read on you get the image of pus, limbs severed and what not which I thought was cool. Also when one of the character's dies so quickly it was kind of weird being as how did no one know this one character wasn't sick? I would think symptoms of some sort would have been noticed and mentioned. What is up with the mention of "sight" it felt kind of thrown in there in a way, being as it just came out of no where.  I do wonder if Anna, Jessie and Jordan will ever be a piece or forever running.