#FrightFall Slice Girls An Anthology of Feminazi Splatter Goth

Slice Girls: An Anthology of Feminazi Splatter Goth - Nikkie Jamison, Stefy Janeva, Sandra Wiltjer, Jef Rouner, Samie Sands, Nicolajayne Taylor, Joe DiCicco, Shebat Legion, Carmilla Voiez, Timothy Black, James Park, Sergio Palumbo

I believe this is the first book I have ever read that deals with splatter goth. I can honestly say if you enjoy sex scenes, death, blood, gore then this is a story for you. I really enjoyed all the short stories that were in the book that I was amazed at how well written and put together they all were. As soon as one bloody and horror filled story ended you had another right behind it and it was either just as gruesome or just a bit more.


The stories are dark and each one pulls you in. You have a total of 15 short stories and 1 poem which isn't bad at all. So if one of the stories doesn't get to you you have multiple stories to look for. Now I really recommend this to anyone who likes books filled with everything in the above but if you are squeamish then this will not be for you. All the main characters that take over each story is female and it seems that the males are all paying a price. 

Great for Halloween or heck any day of the week read.