Review: Next Stop: Nina

Next Stop: Nina - Robin Raven

I received this book to give an honest review.
I am not too big on time travel books but I wanted to give this book a try just in case I might enjoy it. For me this was just okay I was a bit confused at times as to why was Nina the only one back in time. What was up with the little girl Nina saw and was very secretive it seemed like she might have some clue as to what was going on.
Nina has gone back into time when she is relieving her childhood over and over again her childhood wasn't pretty so she copes with that, she finds love, finds heartache and does it all over again. I have to say the big reveal with the dude in the car was pretty cool.
I thought Nina coming to learn to love herself and to be happy with life was a good thing to have within this story even if it took Nina multiple times to get this down.
This book just wasn't my cup of tea I wasn't finding myself with my nose in this story as it just wasn't fully calling to me. But if you like time travel stories, short chapters then give this book a read.