ARC Review: Polliannah Got Married (book 3)

Polliannah Got Married! - Danielle-Claude Ngontang Mba

I received an ARC Copy to give an honest review.

Even though this book is part of a series I can see it as a stand alone. There is a lot of action within the story line. When Polliannah went off with John to Toronto, she had no clue what would happened. Oh she got married but became a widow pretty quickly soon after. Now Polliannah has asked her friend Semya for help on finding out why John died. And we all know that Semya is awesome at figuring out mysterious, and this of course is no different. But secrets will come to life the question is will it hurt all those involved? With Polliannah going through a rough patch, and Semya trying to help her. Semya is taking on a lot more she is having her heart torn but trying to keep it all together. Now there are sex scenes within this story so I highly suggest this book to be more 18+. You get to meet more of the brothers of Polliannah and new revelations with them and what they have to do with the story is great. Towards the end there is a big OMG moment that I hope we get another story with these characters because I want to know what is going to happen. Oh and Semya's life is going to change big, I can't even say without giving anything away.


If you haven't followed this author yet, then I suggest you start. You can start with this book or you can start from the beginning with Bird of Prey and go from there.