Review: Les Vaproistes

Les Vaporistes - Jackie Mcmahon, Andrea L. Straum, Aurelia Fray, Lexi Ostrow, Zoe Adams, Eada Janes, Molly Hammerman, Hannah Nixin, Skye Knizley, Natalie Hancock, Rue Volley, R.A. Sears, Josephine Ballowe

This review is for: Clockwork City: Immortal Lovers by Natalie Hancock


I received Clockwork City to give an honest review.


This was a short and decent read. I enjoyed how the main character was strong and didn't mind killing the demons. And how the story is set into the future but not quite how we expect it to be.

 I liked how the author described her armor that kept her safe.


Now there is a sex scene within the story and I felt it to be a bit rushed. Being as she has been hunting this demon forever, and then bam he is there. Then is like sex just happens. I think the time frame between the Immortal and the demon needs to be addressed more. I actually had to ask the author about it. And she responded with the time frame of years passed has been 300-400 years. It didn't feel that way to me.  I gave this book a 3 star rating being as I see a lot of potential with the story, and wonder if there would be more stories to come? Such as some novellas?