Review: The Damaged

The Damaged - Simon Law

I received this book to give an honest review. 


So I really wasn't quite sure how this book was going to go. When I read the synopsis I figured that Matthew would get his parents killer and that would be it. Oh no this is something far more entertaining in a crazy way. Matthew is on his own after twenty five years but he still needs care as far as taking his pills on a timely manner. In comes Tammy she is a care worker with demons of her own and we see how she handles them. She has never taken care of someone like Matthew before so when she sees him for the first time she finds him to be quite handsome and you know feelings are going to be flying in both directions. We slowly see Matthew change little by little and it makes you wonder if what he seeing the result of him not taking his pills or is it something else?  

This was a great psychological thriller with the gore, the craziness how someone can act so normal (in what is considered normal) but yet be a killer is mind blowing. 

Both characters are troubled but within their own way and it can be their downfall what can happen next is what you have to read to find out.

It is dark with some twists thrown in there and it is a great read for those that like thrillers.