Review: Courage Begins (0.5)

Courage Begins: A Ray Courage Mystery Novella (Ray Courage Private Investigator Series Book 1) - Scott R. MacKey

I liked this mystery novella. It was pretty much right to the point of the mystery that needs to be solved and how it was solved. Ray seems to be a very serious guy and won't stop on his first case until he solves it. I like that in a mystery book like this never give up. Ray has decided to become a private eye and a case that he is given is one that no one has been able to solve. The husband was cleared of all charges relating to his wife's death so why does Ray feel there is something more? Well of course there is. Ray goes on the hunt for answers and ends up in the cross hairs of the person who is responsible too many questions being asked is not good.

I did enjoy the plot and I can see myself reading more by this author.