Children's Review: Mad Scientists: The Not-So-Crazy Work of Amazing Scientists

Mad Scientists: The Not-So-Crazy Work of Amazing Scientists (Scary Science) - Sally Lee

K has decided that he wants to be a scientist when he grows up him and his best friend have both decided this together.

So I saw this book and knew I had to get it because K should see how scientists have came up with their theories. 

I will tell you this if you have a weak stomach do not read this book or if you want to just pass up the parts that will make you hurl.

I started reading this to K and when we got Chapter 3 K was asking me to put down the book he didn't want me to read anymore and of course being the mother I am I continued reading. I told him dude this is how science is discovered you do things to see how it works, or invent something or cure something. 

So we continued, I was very impressed and surprised to learn so much on what certain scientists have done. You have one named Dr. Louise Robinovitch who designed a machine called a defibrillator! How cool is that I never knew who made it let alone how the process came about. We also learn how one scientist named Stubbins Ffirth tried to figure out how yellow fever was passed even though he didn't discovery it that credit goes to someone else. 

There is a lot more within this book and I have to give this book more than five stars both K and I learned a lot from this book. 

Also you get definitions on certain words which is excellent because K would ask me what does this mean or that mean and I was able to tell him. 

I recommend this book to kids and adults to read I would give the ages to maybe 7 on up. Just depends on your child.