Review: Escape from Witchwood Hollow

Escape from Witchwood Hollow - Elizabeth Jordan

I received this book to give an honest review.


So anyone who knows me I am not big on historical or time travel books I will give them a try but sometimes they just don't call out to me.

Well this one I was very impressed with the story being told. 

We go between the present with a girl named Honoria who has moved to Arnn a very small town. Then we got to past where all of the legend of Witchwood Hollow started with Lady Clifford, to later on where we meet Albertine. 

All of it comes together nicely and those that live in the present in Arnn carry something with them from the past. I really did enjoy how it all was connected in some way and it worked out perfectly. 

It is said that those that travel into the Hollow never return is this true? Why does it happen? What happens to those that are in the Hollow? Well you read and find out. I really liked how we were told a bit of history about the town and how Honoria and Leon both enjoyed finding cool objects on the land.

There is some language but nothing too bad so I recommend this for teens but maybe for the ages 16 on up.