Review: Tegen Justice (Book 2)

Tegen Justice (Tegens Book 2) - Inge-Lise Goss
If you haven't read book one then I would highly suggest you do, that way you will understand the powers the character has, why she has to have a black ring, along with why her spiders have to be with her, why she is investigation a certain family and why she has feelings for Connor.
It all comes together perfectly. 
The book is pretty much fast paced from the get go. Sara is undercover trying to figure out a way to destroy her ex-boyfriend's family and his crime organization. The only thing is she does not want her ex-boyfriend to figure out she is alive as she is suppose to be dead. Sara pretty much has went with the name Sally Jablon but will Connor know exactly who she is by the end of the story?
While Sally or Sara whatever you want to call her is busy investigating she is also trying to help Wendy who knows she is not suppose to use her Tegen power for revenge. It seems that Sally/Sara has her work cut out for her. While balancing the act of undercover and babysitting a Tegan who might be breaking the rules. 
There is plenty of action, the plot line goes at a steady pace which is awesome. We also learn of Tegan enforcers which I think are pretty cool in this world of people having spider like powers. 
I do hope there is a book three as I want to know what exactly will happen to Sara/Sally when she returns home.