ARC review: Rite of Revelation

Rite of Revelation (Acceptance Book 2) - Sarah Negovetich
I received an ARC to give an honest review.
Wow is all I truly say with this book. If you haven't read book one Rite of Rejection I highly suggest you start reading it so you can understand what is going to be happening in Rite of Revelation. 
So Rebecca and her friends pretty much got in trouble with their little stint of broadcasting during the Acceptance. You just know that the Cardinal is not going to let them leave he has to make an example of them. So when Rebecca and her friends escape you know that is going to make the Cardinal even more mad than he already is. As Rebecca and her friends run through the wilderness they come across a small village and they learn there are other villages out there that are in hiding from the Cardinal as well. Will Rebecca and her friends finally be safe from danger? Can they all finally have a semi normal life? We see Rebecca grow more in this story especially when she has to make big decisions. Though through out the story you just are waiting to see if the Cardinal will ever find Rebecca and what will happen to those that try to protect her? At the end of this book I already was seeing a possible book three being written by this author. In this story we get more of the villages and how they work, also we see how Rebecca and her friends are surviving not being in the PIT. There is so much within this story that I loved that I feel I would give too much away. If you are looking for a book that has some action, love, a great story line, likable characters then pick up this book. 
Not much more I can say except get this book if you like defiance, survival, friendship, some action and more.