Children's Review: Too Many Tamales

[Too Many Tamales] (By: Gary Soto) [published: August, 1996] - Gary Soto

So Maria and her mother are making tamales for Christmas dinner and while she is helping her mother mix the masa together her mother leaves her ring on the counter. Maria really loves this ring so when she tries it on and loses it and doesn't realize it oh no. What can Maria do. While visiting with her cousins she remembers the ring and it is up to her and her cousins to find this ring. What will happen with the tamales as it has to be in there right?
This is a good story about telling the truth and remembering to not take things that do not belong to you unless you ask.
This is a holiday book but I think it is a good book to read whenever. I hope that when I read it to K he understood how Maria felt when she thought she lost something that was important to someone else and how you should tell the truth, even if it means you could be in trouble.
The illustrations are perfect and go great with the story being told.