Children's Review: Snowmen at Night

Snowmen at Night -  Mark Buehner (Illustrator), Caralyn Buehner

K and I really enjoyed this book. What do snowmen do at night after we build them during the day because they have to be bored standing there all day. Well in this wonderful story we see that snowmen like to have fun as well. They drink ice cold hot coco, play games, race down hills in sleds pretty much have a wonderful fun filled night.
The book is very easy to read and I think children of all ages will enjoy this.
The pictures go great with the story you can see what happens to snowmen when they are playing around with snowballs and sledding. Just plain ole' having fun.
K and I enjoyed looking at the hidden objects in the story like a Santa face, or a T-rex so to have a little bit of fun while reading the story was awesome.
K wanted to build a snowman after reading this story but sadly we leave where there is no snow. :(
We plan on reading Snowmen at Christmas since we both really enjoyed this one.