Review: The Last Orphans

The Last Orphans - N.W. Harris

What did I just read. I was really blown away with this book. Especially the gruesome scenes that were in the book I just was like WOW that is not how I would like to go out in the world. 

Shane just had a funeral for his grandmother whom he loved deeply on that same day it seems there is something else that will happen. The animals he sees are acting very weird and not their normal self but he just blames it on the upcoming storm. Though as we progress in the story it seems that there is something more sinister at play. 

What ends up happening next is something that is weird it seems that the animals are acting this way for a reason and certain age groups are affected. Whoa right. Well as Shane is driving to the hospital he sees a girl from school and helps her out which leads them to helping others out as well. Shane has a huge responsibility put on his shoulders in a small amount of time and he handles it quite well, I was glad to see him not just run away.

There is plenty of action and very describable scenes that I loved. The secondary characters I really enjoyed a whole lot and was glad they played a good part in the story line. 

I also enjoyed how Shane didn't make all the decisions it was like everyone had something to say and had a voice, that is normally not the case in books that have a strong lead character in a situation like this.

When we finally learn what has caused this craziness it was like wow but how will the world be after Shane and his friends go on this mission. The way the ending came about has me for sure wanting to read book two as I got to know more. Who are all alive?  I totally want to write more but I am going to give so much away if I do. I say give this book a read I don't think you will be disappointed at