Review: Forbidden Mind

Forbidden Mind - Karpov Kinrade

This was a pretty good story. Kids with special powers being rented out for those who need them. Mind readers are of course needed to read minds for people who might run a business, healers may be needed to heal people with sickness among others. This story is told between Sam and Drake. Sam attends this special school for kids with powers and doesn't think anything different about it. Until she comes back from an assignment and starts uncovering the secrets within the school. 

Then we end up meeting Drake who doesn't live within the school but has powers himself he is always on top of his surroundings until one day, he finds himself trapped somewhere and this is where he meets Sam. They both seem to have mind powers so it is no surprise they would link with each other but they also linked in other ways. It seems that there is something far more going on within this school than meets the eye. What will it take to uncover what is going on and who will die in the process? 

I do wonder what will happen in book two and I may pick it up to see what happens next.