Review: Gabby the Protector

The Protector: Kingdom of Heaven (Gabby, Angel of God) (Volume 2) - Greg Sandora

I have read the first book in this series and I have to say you don't have to read it to read this story. The Protector can be read as a stand alone. With this story it was kind of interesting to see what was going to happen. Bo is a baseball player and really good but it seems that Gabby needs him for something else that he can not say no to. He needs to help defeat evil that has big plans for the world. 

He not only embarks on a journey to defeat evil but he also gets to see what Heaven looks like and it just seems normal nothing like he expected. When Bo decided what he wanted to do to help out Portland and meet the little girl and her family I couldn't help but feel for them and their situation. It brings to light how many people might be in the same situation. 

I really liked how the villain was portrayed in this story, it seems he has always had evil in his heart so it makes him the perfect person for this story. Now we do see some character growth with Bo in this one which is nice. Especially when it comes to helping others. 

One thing I did have a question on is with Gabby helping Bo in his pitches, if she is helping him does that count as cheating? It may not be a big thing but I was kind of wondering about that. 

For me the story was just so-so though I am sure others will enjoy it. 

As I got towards the end of the story I started missing a page every other time I would turn the page not sure what was going on there.