#PBwekendread Review: Sanctum

Sanctum: An Asylum Novel - Madeleine Roux
So book two I have to say was pretty cool. The pictures within was pretty awesome though not as creepy as in book one.
Dan, Abby and Jordan are still having nightmares from Brookline though they are trying to move on. So when they get sent some pictures it just goes to show they can not get away from the terrors that are within Bookline. They decide it is time to go back and get some answers and put this all to sleep once and for all. Though what they end up uncover is way more than they ever thought. It seems that this goes deep like government, students and so forth. We also get some past history on Daniel Crawford and it seems to me the poor man had some problems growing up just saying. This book is far from creepy there is not horror to it. Though I have to say the cover makes it seem that way it is not. The trio have some good investigation going on and I liked how they didn't give up even when terror was staring them in the face. I do hope to read book three as I want to know if the three accomplished putting Brookline and the trouble it has behind them or will something else come to light. Will Dan ever figure out how he is related to Daniel Crawford?