#PBwkendread Review: Ten Plagues

Ten Plagues - Mary Nealy

I remember when I bought this book from the dollar store. The title of the book called me to pick it up and see what it was about, followed by me reading the back of the book. As soon as I saw the word serial killer I was like okay this has got to be good.

So this is a Christian author who is writing about a serial killer who believes in killing people by the plagues that was sent about back in the day with God and Jesus. 

Now I have to say I was glad religion wasn't being crammed down my throat though I believe in God and Jesus. 

Keren in a detective who has a special power but one she keeps quiet about so when she can literally sense the evil coming from this serial killer she knows it is bad, especially when he starts with the plagues. 

In comes Paul who is a pastor and works at a missionary with the homeless. He is involved in a way that his past has come back to him. He wants to stop this serial killer before he hurts more people that the pastor knows. We see how the pastor deals with being an ex-cop and a pastor we can see him struggle with doing what is right via God to dealing with the devil trying to break him down.

Keren on the other hand doesn't lose faith she just tries her hardest not to let the job get to her. 

Now I really enjoyed how the killer used the plagues to kill his victims I know quite sad to say but it was different. 

When will this killer stop? Who will be his next victims? 

This is a decent Christian mystery that I think most people may enjoy. The characters were complete, the story line was at a steady pace.