Review: Nights Embrace

Nights Embrace (Others of Seattle) (Volume 1) by Brandy L Rivers (2014-04-01) - Brandy L. Rivers

Finally was able to get to this book that I have been wanting to get to but haven't had a chance to.

Roxana is not just a singer in a band she is a writer and something more. Like more than she ever thought she could be. She is done with musicians especially dealing with her ex who just can not keep it in his pants. So when she hears and sees Trevor all of that being done with musicians flies through the window. Trevor is drawn to her in a way that you know when they do get together it is going to be hot, magical and oh so much fun. 

Though it seems that there is a lot more that will be going on like trying to stay alive. 

There is more to Trevor than just being a hot musician he and his clan have a secret that if Trevor is going to be with Roxana he is going to have to come clean though his friends believe she will take the news just fine. 

The way this author describes her characters makes them stick out in your mind which is awesome, the fact that Roxana is a tattoo chick that can hold her own is awesome. Along with Trevor being Irish makes it so much better. 

With Roxana's ex Jordan I really liked how he has something magical in him and I could really see and understand why he was the way he was once everything came to light. 

The side characters were just as great and had the own personalities come out I can't wait to read more in this series, I want to see where it will be taken to.