#PBwkendread Review: Women in Red

Women in Red: A Novel - Jordan E. Rosenfeld

So I won this paperback and I have to say this was a pretty decent read. It took me all week to read it and it wasn't because it wasn't good because it was, I just found myself busy.

Stella is a mother and use to be dancer she holds down a job that she doesn't fully like but hey it pays the bills and for her daughter's violin. When she gets the offer to join a very secretive dance troupe she does it as she knows it will be better pay and plus she will be able to dance once again. 

Though it seems that everyone around Stella including herself have secrets that no one wants to have others know. 

There isn't really much suspense just secrets from different characters that will be finally brought to light. I have to say Stella's daughter Izzy I was impressed with her she is a young girl who can play the violin and she is a bit sneaky when it comes to wanting to find out who her father is. Which I give her props on doing that and how she did it. 

Most of the action comes towards the end when the dance troupe and Stella's world collides. Everything comes to the surface and why Julian really wants Stella to be a part of his world this is when a nice twist comes into play.

Overall a good read, the plot was a steady, and the characters were good.