#PBwkendread Review: The Obsession

The Obsession - Nora Roberts

So when I wasn't able to get this book via NetGalley I saw it in my public library and just had to check it out. The book starts off strong but the ending was kind of weak. I wanted more of a powerful ending than how it came about. 

Though I have to say on page 352 I figured out who the killer was and I was just like oh man that is crazy. I was very glad that I figured it out then and not earlier in the book, I really like books like that.

Now this story is told through Naomi and how she is living her life now. You see Naomi did something amazing she saved a young woman from dying at the hands of her father at age 11. She dealt with the stares and whispers, the movie talk and books about what happened, and even moving to get away from it all. She even changed her last name. She has done wonderful for herself by taking pictures and trying to put the past behind her but what happens when the past comes for her can she handle it?

As we move forward in the story Naomi buys an old house and sets out to fix it up and in the process finds friends and love something she has never had both of. I really enjoyed Naomi as a character we see how she is reserved but slowly comes out of her shell thanks to Xander, Jenny and Kevin. Now as far as the killing that happens it doesn't come about until much later on in the book. We don't even really know much about it until the first girl ends up missing. Which then we get to meet Mason who is Naomi's brother, we see that he was really serious about the profession he really wanted to go into. 

I think the author did a wonderful job with the way the house was coming about, you could really see it in your head from the ideas that Naomi and Kevin bounced off to each other to the landscape that was going to done to it. 

The whole scene with the dog named Tag that Naomi found and not wanting him at first was funny, I mean every time there was interaction between Naomi and Tag you just couldn't help but giggle and shake your head. All of the characters within the book were well developed and remember able. I didn't have a favorite character as I really enjoyed them all in their own quirky way and I think they help make the story into a whole.