Review: Zombie Games (Books 1-5)

Zombie Games The Five Book Series (CENSORED VERSION!!!) - Kristen Middleton

I received these books to give an honest review.


So let's start off with the first book Origins. 

Right from the get-go I was pretty sure this book was going to be awesome and so far it has not disappointed. We are introduced to Cassandra Wild and yes folks like to joke around with her last name. Her mother runs an in home daycare which isn't bad just minus all the germs that come along with the children. We also see that she is into martial arts which is pretty neat and learning all the moves she needs to will help her I think in the world that she gets thrown into before too long. 

When the zombie world comes to her front door Cassandra has no problems kicking butt, saving people while worrying about her own family and having a crush on Bryce the martial art instructor who loves females attention. After the zombies have come about via a vaccine we get to see exactly how Cassandra handles herself in situations that others would probably just run away. The author has done a great job with not only the characters but the world around them as well.  


Running Wild

I found more humor in this second book than I ever thought I would. I love zombie stories that have that humor within them only because you need a good laugh during the times of death and sadness.

Cassandra with the help of her friends has survived multiple interactions with zombies, she has learned were her mother and sister are and she is determined with her dad to get to them. We also see that the zombies are advancing in terms of how they act and it just makes you wonder how much more can they become evolved. While in the mist of trying to get to Atlanta Cassandra not only battles her feelings for Bryce but also has to deal with the fact that Eve seems to have her eyes on him. While Austin has his eyes on her in more than one way. 

Along the way there are new characters and I can honestly say I LOVE the secondary characters. Kristie is a hoot and the way she interacts with her daughter is just too much laughter there. Then we get to meet Henry who is an old goat whose favorite saying is "do you like horses?" To find out what he means you got to read the book. Can't wait to see what book three will bring me. 


Dead Endz


So we start off the story with a little short story of how Henry and Mary left the nursing home as if you read in Running Wild Cassie meets them both when she rammed into the back of Henry's car. 

In Dead Endz I really loved how the author gave us the other characters point of view. We go with Paige, John Doe (which wasn't too hard to figure out who he was), to Kristie. Finally we do get Cassie's p.o.v. but it was refreshing to see what everyone else had going on, and where they are at in the story.  Hopefully Cassie will get to see her mom and sister as that is the whole reason she has gone to Atlanta with her friends and dad. 

We also get a taste of how sick other humans have become especially one character named Tony who comes up with the Zombie game it is the undead verses the humans and that is not good. We also get to learn a bit more on how Cassie seemed to survive her attack. And FINALLY we get to see if Cassie and Bryce will react on their feelings for each other, because ever since they met you can tell there has been lust and finally love blooming between the two.  

I can not wait to read book four to see what else is going to happen. 


Road Kill

Wow in this one there is an awesome twist that comes into play, which threw me for a loop, and it has me wondering where is this going to go now.   

Cassie along with Nora on a mission to go and see if other family members along with Nora's father is alive but it won't be any easy trip. Especially not once everyone else starts to go after them to bring them back. Allie, Kylie and Luke find themselves in certain situations and actually end up meeting someone who they believe will help them. Bryce, Tiny, Kristie and Paige set off to not only find Cassie and Nora but the others as well. Will they find what they are looking for or will it be a wasted trip?

Half way through we meet two new characters who end up being a whole lot more than just normal people there is something different about them. Especially once they start wanting the babies (if there are any alive) brought to them. This is where that twist comes into play and you wonder where is this book going to go now. It seems that this battle will be against Good and Evil, and with so many undead it makes you wonder who will hopefully win, which we hope Good holds out. 


End Zone

Wow this is the last story within this book and I will say it is a happy ending. One that I am so glad for as all the characters have gone through so much and have lost so much that sometimes a happy ending is the best thing.

We go through different p.o.v's in this one as well as Kylie and Allie find themselves in trouble and get to meet Travis who is not a good person. Of course there is plenty of action with fighting zombies but they also have to help stop the evil from hurting everyone else. 

There is talk of God and Satan though it is not a religious story it is implied in the story line. Not everyone is a full believer that the "end of days" is upon them but they can't deny that something sinister is happening. Towards the end of the book we learn who exactly is the "chosen one" and that is was always his destiny to get rid of evil. 


I really enjoyed this series of books, not only was the story line amazing. It was clean, funny at times and plenty of action. The characters were simply amazing at how they handled situations was great. This is a zombie series that I highly recommend.