Children's Reviews: Ancient & Epic Tales From Around the World

Ancient and Epic Tales: From Around the World - Heather Forest

We received this book to give an honest review.

K didn't seem as interested in this book like I was. I love reading about myths and folk lore that has been past on through the ages of time. I think the reason K didn't really enjoy the book as much was because it was so long and it was a bit more advanced for him. 

The stories vary from Beowulf, to The Green Man (which that was one story that K did like a bit), there are stories from India which was neat. So it was not just Greek mythology but tales like it says in the title from around the world. 

I would say this book would be better for kids maybe in the 5th grade and up or those that really like story telling and folk lore. 


Questions and Answers with K


1. Did you like the book in general?

"Not really I didn't know much of what was going on and it was really long."


2. Did you have a favorite story?

"Yes, I really like the Green Man and how he gave the knight a test"