#PBwkendread Review: Shadows at Sunset

Shadows at Sunset: Book 1 of the Sunset Trilogy (Volume 1) - Tonya Royston

I received this book to give an honest review.


This book is a good one for teenagers to enjoy there is no violence, no sex scenes, bad language it is a clean book.

I should also state that that the cover is beautiful. I love the colors and the way it pops out to you. 

 We are introduced to Laken who is becoming a senior she is normal minus the fact she can talk to animals and they seem to understand her. Ever since she was a child she has been able to do this though she has never known why and it has helped her befriend a wolf she has named Dakota. 

When one night Dakota and her search for a missing boy that is when her life becomes a bit different. She is being called a hero, and has the catches the eye of two guys. One being the new town deputy Noah and the other being the new guy Xander. Each one is different in their own way and she is really starting to like Noah but it seems Xander is giving her feelings as well. Though Xander seems to be hiding something but it isn't clear what it is exactly. While dealing with her feelings and school she is starting to notice that there is more wolves roaming around and a mysterious shadow of what looks like man. What does this all mean? 

Now I would highly give this book a five but I felt it lacked on the explanation of what is going on exactly. Is this a werewolf book or something to do with the paranormal? Or is it just about Laken speaking with animals, finding love and possibly avoiding danger that is there but we don't know why. 

Is what Laken can do heredity? As I don't believe her parents know what she can do but I would think a secret like that is hard to hide from your parents for a long time. 

I can only hope that things come around and we get some answers as to what is going on in this New England town in the next book.