Review: Deadlocked

Deadlocked - Libby Sinclair, Libby Sinclair, Hollie Jackson

I received this book to give an honest review.


As anyone who knows my genre of reading knows that I am not big on Sci-fi books. I guess for me sometimes they feel too Sci-fiish (not sure that is even a real word.) Though on this book I was worried that I wouldn't like it but I was wrong. It was actually a bit enjoyable, though hold up a minute don't think that I am fully on the Sci-Fi train just this book was a good one for me. 

We are introduced to Brielle who I am assuming is a human and works hard for what she has which isn't much but it is hers. I love the fact that she is a bounty hunter to me that is so cool and amazing though we don't read about her capturing anyone we get the feeling she is good at what she does. 

When she gets laid off because of something silly she decides to find this major treasure only thing is another bounty hunter Finn is set on getting it first. Finn is an alien but you can tel with the way he jokes around with Brielle he has feelings for her. 

When the two are stuck in a ship things get hot and heavy and then we learn just a bit about the Tulan and what happens within that species. I can honestly say I wasn't expecting that part it was a nice little twist.

When Brielle goes to not only work with her friend on a site across the system she also is there to warn them of the impending battle that may approach will Finn find her in time to save them all? Or will he be too late? Will Brielle give in to her feelings and needs to Finn or still be stubborn? 

I really liked how Finn for an alien was a sweetheart and no matter what Brielle did or said did not deter him away. 

There is adventure, hot scenes and action all rolled up into one. Check it out if you like Sci-Fi Romance.