#PBwkendread Review: The Treatment

The Treatment (Program) - Suzanne Young

So I picked this book up from my library as I was wanting to finish the story to see where it would pick up from as we learn in the first book The Program at the end Sloane and James were out of the program. 

In The Treatment wow so Sloane and James are on their own and join in with the rebels which seem to only consist of maybe two people Dallas and Cas. 

Now Realm gave Sloane a pill that could give her all her memories back but there is no telling what would happen after they get their memory back. We see how both her and James think about the pill which we now know is considered The Treatment but will one of them take it? 

As they are on the run they are not sure who exactly to trust. Cas and Dallas even though they are helping them at times they seem shady. Realm has his motives and you want to believe that he is on the good side but then he does or says something that makes you question that entirely. 

There isn't much romance within this book but we see that Sloane and James do get closer to each other now that they are out of the program and let me tell you I love the idea of the ring he gives Sloane. It is one of those sweet moments.

Now I honestly wouldn't call these group of kids rebels. When I think of rebels I think danger and bringing truth to the light. This was none of those things it was like they all spent their time running and hiding.

Some parts of the book had me wondering on how they actually survived without money. Though it seems that Dallas could get money from someone though it is never mentioned who how did they survive on the road? What about James how did he money? Some things just didn't sound quite normal so to speak.

We do get a bit more information on the treatment and the program but we never understand fully why suicide became an epidemic. 

Overall a good book with good characters. I plan on reading the next book as soon as it comes out.