Review: Zombie High Chronicles 1

Zombie High Chronicles #1 (Volume 1) - Amy Miles

I actually won this book in a giveaway so this is my honest thoughts on the book.


I love zombies anyone who has seen my reviews before knows this. 

I have to say with this book there were zombies but not much gore surrounded them. This makes a good teen book. We are mostly told what is going on through Roan. He is a teenager who had a normal life until one day his mom and him were moved to a military base. What stands outside the fence are zombies, dead heads, stiffs what ever you can think of. Now it seems that these zombies are just there but they aren't attacking anyone or anything until later on within the book.

You see Roan likes to be a loner and with that he sees a lot of things going on around him that makes him wonder what exactly is going on and why do the military doctors need to take everyone's blood every day? Something of course sounds fishy. 

When all of those that are of school age go to school who knew how their day would end. Roan and a group of friends decide to take over the school. Though what they end up learning and seeing about these zombies are something more. Are they truly going to hunt down people now? Why are they not getting the answers by the big guys in charge?

I have to say I liked how the author focused more on the teens than just the adults. Even though it seemed that Roan was a bit more mature than seventeen. 

The thing I just wanted to know is what caused this to come about? How did people become dead heads? 

This was a good read that I enjoyed and I hope to see more zombies and how Roan and his friends will survive in the school.